Výstava výpočetní techniky INFORMATICA 2013

The ISPJAE Microelectronics Research Center invites all interested in the electronic issues to participate in the event: „Fourth International Symposium on Electronics: design, applications, advanced techniques and current challenges“.

For more details, please consult the Web site:http://www.informaticahabana.cu

This event has held three previous editions: 2005, 2009 and 2011 and emerged as part of the 12thInternational Convention Informática 2005, with the aim of bringing together professionals involved in the Electronics and Computer areas of research, production and teaching.

In recognition of your scientific work, we are inviting you to send your contributions on some of the themes of the event below related: Systems and electronic equipment design; Configurable hardware and virtual instrumentation; Sensors and their applications; Alternative technologies: LTCC, RFID and processed solution technology using semiconducting polymers, Applications; Emerging technologies: RSFQ logic, SETs, QCA, RTDs, molecular devices, spin transistors and 1-D structures; Electromagnetic compatibility.

XV Convención y Feria Internacional INFORMATICA 2013

Ministerio de la Informática y las Comunicaciones.